Founding President Honored with Library Installation

To honor the service of the Tolland Public Library Foundation’s founding president Betty-Lou Griffin, the Foundation board of directors recently donated funds for the installation of interactive wall games at the Tolland Public Library.

The Foundation thanks Betty-Lou for her many years of service, from 1996 at the Foundation’s founding until 2017. The interactive games were selected as a way to honor Betty-Lou because of her longstanding interest in the arts and in children’s programs at the library.

In addition to the games, she is also being honored with the establishment of the Betty-Lou Griffin Experience the Arts series, which will bring continuing arts programs to the library for Tolland residents and library patrons. Under her leadership, the Foundation had already offered workshops in anime, cartooning and zentangle. Though she stepped down from the board in 2017, Betty-Lou is continuing to serve as a volunteer, offering her advice to the board members.

Betty-Lou Griffin